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Jack Sullivan “dismissed the Afghanistan warning” because he wanted to do “what Biden wanted to do”

The Biden administration has attracted attention from all sides due to its chaotic exit Afghanistan The blame increasingly turned to a key voice in the president’s ears, namely, National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan, whose task was to warn the president of the consequences of such a decision.

A reporter asked bluntly if Sullivan would replace anyone in the national security team because of his clumsy answer: “Does the president plan to fire, reassign or ask anyone to resign?” White house The personnel or administrative officials dealing with the situation in Afghanistan?

“I didn’t hear him say that,” Sullivan replied.

“Of course, it is your job to ask these questions. My job is to continue to do what we are doing, which is to try to get as many people away as possible every day.

Calls for the dismissal of national security advisers are increasing.

“In a national security adviser, you absolutely need someone who can execute and ensure that any potential problems are detected early and resolved or prepared. In this case, this did not happen,” said Bray, former President Obama’s Director of Global Engagement at the National Security Council. Te Brun told DailyMail.com.

“Ultimately, the national security adviser will tell the president that I understand what you want to achieve, but we have information and we have serious concerns.” Let’s explore how we browse it. Obviously what happened was that Jack dismissed these and moved on, because this was what the boss wanted,” Bruen continued.

Sunday, the New York Times The report said that after the government exited in a hurry that seemed to lack careful planning, some Democratic lawmakers have weighed whether asking Sullivan to resign would help Biden “reset the narrative.”

‘This is a complete failure. People should take responsibility. There is no way to reverse it,” Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis told Hill. “It’s not a question of whether we stay or leave. This is how we leave. You will not leave like that.

He pointed out that Sullivan’s “main job is to predict in advance any consequences that the president may cause.”

In this handout photo provided by the White House, President Joe Biden met with his national security team on August 22, 2021 to learn about the latest actions on the situation in Afghanistan. They discussed the security situation in Afghanistan and counter-terrorism operations, including ISIS-K

According to reports, Biden is proud of his loyalty to the inner circle Promise not to fire anyone About his national security adviser. To make a replacement is to admit a mistake.

But Bruen, who worked with Sullivan during the Obama era, provided a reason for his resignation.

“Although Biden may value loyalty, our allies also value loyalty and reliability. Both are very tense now. They will encounter problems when dealing with Sullivan.” They will not want to believe his words.

Sullivan, 44, is the youngest presidential national security adviser in more than 60 years. This foreign policy veteran once provided advice to Hillary Clinton when he was Secretary of State, and Clinton was full of praise for Sullivan. She called him “a once-in-a-lifetime talent” and a “potential future president.”

Sullivan was also a senior adviser to the Iranian nuclear negotiations that the Obama administration secretly started in 2013.

Bruen believes that Sullivan has no experience working in overseas embassies and lives in the “Belt and Road” bubble.

“He has never worked in an overseas embassy or military base, so he lives in this ring road bubble. Things sound smart, but when it comes to implementing them, he didn’t consider many challenges.”

DailyMail.com has contacted the White House and the National Security Council for comments.

After the troop withdrawal in chaotic Afghanistan, calls for the dismissal of Sullivan (left), a senior adviser to the president, are increasing, as a way to

After the troop withdrawal in chaotic Afghanistan, calls for the dismissal of Sullivan (left), a senior adviser to the president, are increasing, as a way to “reset the narrative”

The recent chaos in the Middle East is not what Biden promised during the campaign, when he boasted of his decades of experience in “first love” foreign policy.

“Biden and Sullivan, they work in a very different world. Things have changed fundamentally,” Brunn said.

“The hard-worded statement from Washington is not what it used to be. It will not chill our opponent’s spine, nor will it warm the cockles of our allies.

In a series of meetings before the August 31 withdrawal deadline, military and intelligence officials warned Biden that the consequences of a rapid withdrawal could include Afghanistan’s surrender within a few days. But in the end, both Sullivan and Secretary of State Anthony Brinken knew the president’s position, and neither of them had any desire to oppose the president.

Jack Sullivan: Biden’s national security adviser, who secretly helped Barack Obama negotiate the Iran nuclear deal

U.S. National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan

U.S. National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan

President Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, was the senior policy adviser for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the deputy chief of staff of the State Department during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Mr. Sullivan was also a senior adviser to the Iranian nuclear negotiations that the Obama administration secretly started in 2013.

He and U.S. officials, including Deputy Secretary of State William Burns and White House Iranian Senior Adviser Punit Talwar, have met face-to-face in Oman at least five times on the Iranian regime’s prospects for reaching an agreement on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

These efforts have paved the way for a joint comprehensive agreement, which critics say has created conditions for Iran to develop nuclear weapons after the agreement expires.

Republicans also stated that the agreement supports the containment of Iran’s terrorism in the Middle East, its ballistic missile program, the regime’s policy towards Israel, or support for Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine, and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. like water off a duck’s back.

The Sunday Telegraph reported on the weekend that senior White House aides said that the withdrawal plan would not be subject to much resistance because the government workers concerned were “too afraid” to challenge Biden and Sullivan.

A government official said that the Biden government operates “like an authoritarian country” and suppresses internal dissent.

Mark Tyson, a speech writer under President George W. Bush, wrote in the Washington Post last week that Biden’s “flatterers” enabled him to advance a botched exit and question the “adults in the room.” Where?”

Last weekend, Sullivan basically admitted that defense officials had warned Biden about the consequences of his plan, but he ignored their concerns.

“So you followed the military advice to close Bagram, but the same military advisers told you to keep a force on the ground, and they told you not to reach this withdrawal agreement with the Taliban, right?” MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked on Sunday. Sullivan asks.

Sullivan replied: “The president will make some strategic judgments, as well as some tactical judgments. You attach great importance to the decisions made by the ground commander.”

“When it comes to the basic question of whether the United States should continue its civil war in Afghanistan… this is a presidential call, not a call from anyone from the State Department, the Pentagon or any other agency.” Intelligence agencies.

Sullivan has also been working hard to clean up the president’s public statements.

On Friday, Biden stated that there were no reports of Americans having difficulty reaching Kabul airport for evacuation flights, and al Qaeda did not exist in Afghanistan.

“Why is he misleading people with his words here?” CNN’s Brianna Keilar asked the national security adviser.

‘I reject this description. Sullivan said that with regard to al Qaeda, our intelligence community currently does not believe that al Qaeda in Afghanistan poses a threat to the United States.

He added that al-Qaeda may become a threat in the future, which is why the United States is committed to beyond visual range capabilities.

At the same time, Sullivan admitted that US troops stationed on the ground in Afghanistan are facing a direct threat from the Islamic State.

“I know the scene around the airport is heartbreaking and a large group of people want to leave,” Sullivan said. “I know that the situation is complicated. There is turbulence on the ground and in Kabul. This is very dangerous and dangerous because there is a real threat from ISIS-K. This is the reality we face, and I will not whitewash this reality.

A few months ago, Sullivan promised that the United States would receive “months of warning” from the “Islamic State” after leaving Afghanistan.

“We will not have the same level of daily intelligence,” he said of the withdrawal in April. “But at the strategic level, in terms of being able to know whether Al Qaeda or ISIS is developing external planning capabilities that they currently do not have… we will have a few months of warning.”

Bruen believed that Sullivan’s failure was local.

“What we saw before Afghanistan was a border crisis. We saw mistakes in the entry of refugees, we saw problems with Israel and Cuba. So this is not new.

We focus on Afghanistan, but they keep making these unforced mistakes. This is really worrisome-although Biden wants to show that his goal is correct, even if the execution is flawed, the mistakes in the execution still occur. I worry about what the next crisis will bring.

The experience of national security adviser Jack Sullivan

  • Earned an undergraduate degree at Yale University before receiving a Rhodes scholarship to enter Oxford University, and then returned to Yale University for a law degree
  • Prior to serving as Chief Legal Counsel to Senator Amy Klobuchar, served as Clerk to Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer
  • Begins consulting Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primary election, and then joins Barack Obama’s campaign
  • After Clinton became secretary of state, Sullivan became her deputy chief of staff and director of policy planning
  • After Clinton stepped down in 2013, Sullivan became the National Security Advisor to then Vice President Joe Biden
  • According to the Iran Agreement, it played a key role in shaping the foreign policy of the United States towards Libya, Syria and Myanmar, and Iran.
  • Served as Clinton’s chief foreign policy adviser during the 2016 election
  • Joined the private sector after Clinton failed until he was appointed by the National Security Agency in November 2020

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