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Jadis comes out of the world derivative products

Poliana McIntosh as Jadiz in The Walking Dead

Jadis (Pollyanna) McIntosh) radioed Rick ex machina.
picture: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Not many people are watching The walking deadAnd even fewer people watched its second spin-off series, Beyond the worldIn fact, there are so few that the upcoming second season will also be the final season.But the show obviously wanted to introduce a major New Taiwan Dollar The role that holds the biggest secret in the franchise: what happened Rick Grimes.

That will be Jadis aka Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh), the former leader of the organization Garbage man, Who made his last appearance in season 9 Fly away by helicopter Rick was injured after blowing up a bridge to protect Alexander (and after the star) Andrew Lincoln I want to quit this show and spend more time with my family in the UK).thanks New Taiwan Dollar In the eighth season, we know that this helicopter belongs to Civil Republic Military, A group that has made a sinister arrangement with Jadis’s people: if Jadis gives them captured survivors and recently infected test subjects, they will provide food and other resources (implying that they are well stocked). But after they fly away, the only clue about Rick’s fate is his pair of boots and his phone. Michon Discovery On an island in Maryland.

All of this is to say that we have no idea what happened to Rick after the helicopter took him away—but Jadis knew.Now, I don’t know why she told the children Beyond the world Any information about a guy they have never heard of, but we should at least know some information about CRM. They have always been the main opponents in the spin-off, and the spin-off happened a few years after the incident. New Taiwan Dollar (They also appear in the prequel derivative works Afraid of walking dead, and also).This can at least provide a small clue as to what happened to Rick, Scott Gimple, the person in charge of everything at AMC The walking dead, Confirmed in the press release: “In our story, many years have passed-we will understand what happened on that deadly helicopter trip, and understand that Jadis has new allies and alliances; she is connecting CRM with the three circles seen in the three series An important part of the myth. We can’t wait to share all this with TWDU fans.”

Given that AMC is still planning to make a movie starring Lincoln, which may answer the main questions about Rick’s post-helicopter adventure, I won’t be too excited about any “tips” that are coming.But at least I am a little interested in watching Beyond the world For the first time in history, it’s plated so well New Taiwan Dollar. well played.

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