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Japan: New islands appear in the sea-satellite imagery this week

God knows that the work of management is not always logical. But the Japanese community in Ogasawara is a special case.Administratively belong to the capital Such -Approximately 1000 kilometers from there.The area of ​​the municipality includes the subtropical Ogasawara Islands, which are located at the southernmost point of the Japanese Empire The Pacific Ocean lie.By the way, this also includes Iwo Jima which was destroyed in World War II. A bloody and costly battle Infamous among Japanese and Americans.

There is a Japanese military base on Iwo Jima, which is inaccessible. If you want to reach other islands from Tokyo, you must take a boat for at least a full day. Dead »Ogasawara Maru« Usually four long-distance trips a month. Although the issue of establishing an airport has been debated for decades, there is no flight connection.

The fact that the airport does not exist so far is also related to the natural treasures of most uninhabited volcanic islands. They should be able to continue to develop as undisturbed as possible. Since these islands have never been connected to any continent, many plant and animal species are native to here and cannot be found anywhere else. There are 90 species of endemic snails in this area alone, and many bats and birds are native to this area alone.Experts also compared these islands with more well-known islands Ecuador Belongs to the Galapagos Islands.These islands have been owned for ten years UNESCO World Natural Heritage.

The archipelago recently had a new member: about 50 kilometers from the southernmost point, a new island appeared in Pacific waters. The reason is the eruption of Ford Ganobar Volcano, which is usually completely covered by water. The island can be seen in this photo taken by the private satellite operator Planet Labs on August 15. In addition to the darker land, you can also see lighter carpets made of pumice floating on the water.

Usually short-lived

Geoscientists refer to the underlying geological process as Surtseyan eruption.They remembered that The emergence of a volcanic island near Iceland In 1963. What is special about it is that the volcano is not usually under water like the so-called submarine eruption, but a volcanic building raised from the flood was built.

As told to us in the past, the New World may not exist for long. In 1904, 1914, and 1986, islands were formed in this area, but they all disappeared in a short period of time.So it was held in the new territory in the winter of 1986 Just one and a half months.

The building materials of the new island are responsible for this. Volcanic ash cannot withstand the wind and waves in the ocean for a long time. Take the island of Hungary as an example-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai of Tonga, an island nation in the South Pacific, shows that the newly born land can be more tenacious than experts in at least some cases Originally suspectedAfter being formed at the turn of 2014/2015-there is also a volcano here-it should actually disappear again soon. But it is still there; at the same time, plants and birds also settle there. Surtsey still exists.

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