Jeff Bezos’ leadership style will guide Lyft’s comeback, says CEO – Lyft…

Jeff Bezos’ leadership style will guide Lyft’s comeback, says CEO – Lyft…


After announcing the decision to lay off more than 1,000 employees, David Risherthe new CEO from Lyft Inc LYFThe said he wanted to use his previous experience at work inc AMZN and with jeff bezos to lead the ridesharing company to success.

What happened: said Risher, who had a rough start to his tenure He hopes to learn from the Amazon founders Strategies to improve Lyft’s situation.

“We’re going to focus on the customers,” Risher told CNN alluding to Amazon’s motto.

“That’s a basic, just truth of business — if you can build a business that your customers truly love, you can do amazing things for the world.”

After Risher took over as the new CEO, Lyft has introduced new features intended to alleviate some of the difficulties associated with summer travel. “They can offload a lot of that stress to us, which is what we want to do. And that really is Jeff Bezos,” Risher said.

“I’m just copying his strategy, which has worked pretty well for Amazon. I think it can work pretty well for Lyft and our customers,” he added.

Why it matters: riser was Amazon’s 37th employee, and Bezos thanked him for his contributions with a note on the website. This notice remains on the site more than 20 years after Risher left the company.

As Risher attempts to restore Lyft’s financial position, he finds himself trapped Competition from Uber, which has shown renewed strength in recent quarters. Since going public in 2019, Lyft has lost almost 90% of its market value.


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