Jeff Neumeister on Empowering Businesses to Make Informed Financial Decisions ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Jeff Neumeister on Empowering Businesses to Make Informed Financial Decisions ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Forensic accounting expert Jeff Neumeister talks about providing value and insights to clients through a forward-thinking, numbers-focused approach.

Listen to the full interview of Jeff Neumeister with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Money Podcast.

How did you get started?

Neumeister has been a CPA for more than 20 years, and he started Neumeister & Associates five years ago as a full-service practice covering cryptocurrency, M&A advisory services, forensic accounting, fractional CFO work, and more. He’s also worked in academia for a decade and is currently an adjunct faculty member at Woodbury University, Burbank, teaching MBA students about accounting.

Tell us more about the fractional CFO model.

A CFO is integral for every growing organization, Neumeister notes, but it can be an expensive resource for small and mid-size companies. So, instead of paying a substantial annual salary to a full-time CFO, engaging with a fractional CFO can provide a company with necessary guidance as needed without substantial cost.

One key benefit of hiring a fractional CFO, he points out, is that an in-house CFO’s perspective may only span a single industry, while most fractional CFOs bring a wealth of knowledge about multiple industries, lending depth and breadth to their approach.

What is a “running your business by numbers” approach, and how does it empower businesses?

Profit generation is the primary function of every business, Neumeister says, and its numbers are a foundational element that belongs at the forefront, from operational capacity, revenues, and expenses to assets and liabilities. Implementing a numbers approach provides real-time meaningful financial information, allowing for the exploration of multiple business opportunities, he notes. Moreover, it lends a better understanding of entity structure and insights into the best ways to set up a business.

How did CryptoTax International come about?

“We started getting inquiries from our clients…


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