Jill Biden awkwardly prompts audience to “clap” as applause line drops…

Jill Biden awkwardly prompts audience to “clap” as applause line drops…


first lady Jill Biden She awkwardly prompted the audience to “clap” when her applause died completely during an event Thursday in Washington.

What happened: Jill, during her speech at the Reagan Institute Education Summit in Washington said: “I have visited red and blue states and found that the common values ​​that unite us run deeper than our divisions.”

She paused briefly, and when she received no reaction from the crowd, FLOTUS added, “I thought you’d clap for that.”

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Her statement elicited laughter from the audience and received thunderous applause.

Previous events: Social media users were quick to draw parallels between the first lady’s testimony and a viral moment of desperation in the 2016 election, when she was considered a former Republican presidential nominee Jeb Bush urged his supporters to “please clap” at a campaign event.

Back in February 2016, the former Florida governor addressed an audience in New Hampshire and conjured up a line from his campaign speech that failed to wow the crowd, imploring them to “clap” for him.

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This isn’t the first time Jill has encountered this situation. In 2019 while standing up for her husband, the first lady had a similarly awkward moment. During the campaign, she told audiences in Iowa that if Joe Biden were elected President, Americans would say, “At last someone is standing up to the NRA and keeping our kids safe and our schools safe.”

Jill, stunned by the lack of response, told the audience, “That’s my applause, come on!”

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