Jingjing Ye Announced Her Research on China’s Ancient Infrastructure Preservation ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Jingjing Ye Announced Her Research on China’s Ancient Infrastructure Preservation ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Jingjing Ye, Class 1 Registered Architect (PRC), announced her recent research results on how to develop China’s Ancient Infrastructure Preservation. In fact, large-scale, fast-paced construction is common and popular in Zhejiang, China. Such groundwork has proven to be a successful investment as demand caught up.

“With a significant focus on sustainability, driven by the demands of clients abroad, all Chinese construction companies reinvest heavily into research & development.” Jingjing Ye declared.

Zhejiang Province Institue of Architectural Design And Research colleagues recounted that Jingjing Ye put many efforts on the participation of completion of the China Fan Museum, the Lanting Tianzhang Temple restoration, and the Jiaxing Zicheng Archaeological Site Park Project, among other historically-focused sightseeing destinations, to enhance the visibility and influence of ancient China. These works greatly provide big helped on her achievements of these recent years of research.

Jingjing Ye stated that Zhejiang province has an abundance of space, and generation after generation could expand westward with only minimal encroachment into sensitive habitats.Throughout every region are thousands of years of cultural relics, ancient buildings, and archaeological sites that needs preservation. “People should put high emphasis on cultural conservation as citywide infrastructure planning is underway or in the shadow of it throughout smaller villages nearby. It can also bring specific issues to the forefront to help potential partners anticipate how China will approach future development domestically and abroad.” Jingjing Ye added.

Some official reports on architecture in China pointed out that in recent years there is high demand for experts like Jingjing Ye, Class 1 Registered Architect, a 2008 graduate of the Ancient Architecture Design of Zhejiang University. Therefore, after her contributions to the Grand Canal restoration project—reviving portions…


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