John I. Haas, Inc. Announces Leadership Succession

John I. Haas, Inc. Announces Leadership Succession


Alex Barth to step down as CEO in August 2023 and move to the Board;
Board appoints longtime EVP Tom Davis as successor
Promotion of Stephanie Conrad to CFO

YAKIMA, Wash., Oct. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, John I. Haas, Inc., a leading global hop supplier and innovator and member of the BarthHaas Group, announced Tom Davis, EVP Finance and Operations. will become CEO in August 2023, at which time Alex Barth, shareholder and CEO, will join the Haas Board of Directors. As part of the succession, the company has promoted Davis to chief operating officer and Stephanie Conrad to chief financial officer, effective immediately, with Barth continuing to lead the company as CEO until the end of his tenure in July 2023.

The move marks the first time in company history that a non-family member will lead Haas and reflects recent executive appointments at BarthHaas in Europe. These changes are part of a strategic succession plan to both preserve the spirit of a family business while attracting and empowering a new generation of leaders and innovators to help the company continue to thrive.

Succession planning is very important to the Haas owning families and board of directors and is a strategic part of a successful and sustainable business. The board stated, “In this case, Barth and Davis’ talents and their nearly 20-year track record have worked together to move the company forward – making the task of finding a successor for Barth that much easier. In Davis, we have found the future of Haas leadership while ensuring continuity with the innovation and operational excellence that have propelled the company to the forefront of the hop industry.”

Alex Barth has led the company since 2008 and during that time has helped grow the company from a commodities trading company to what is now widely recognized as the innovator in the US hops industry, providing brewers with the most potent and flavorful hop varieties and products. .

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