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Join the Diller-Quaile Conservatory of Music and cultivate their joy

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Dillequier School of Music

Dillequier School of Music Provide face-to-face and online music courses and courses for all ages. Since 1920, the school has provided a learning environment where music has flourished in all aspects, enriching the lives of students of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Join them and cultivate joy, creativity and unity through music!

This Toddler plan Children from 3 months to 6 years old, by introducing them to the fun of music and visual arts, promote their development in music, intelligence, social emotions and physical aspects. Each lesson is a unique musical experience, and your children will be immersed in collaborative music production with their peers and professional musicians. All children’s products are led by experienced educators and well-trained musicians. The face-to-face class also includes a pianist who will accompany each class in a variety of styles based on the children’s singing and facial movements.

This Instrumental and Vocal Music Department Through comprehensive courses, weekly classes and choirs, and high school certificate courses, students from 4 to adults are provided with an introduction to advanced musical instruments and phonetics. Diller-Quaile faculty members use a teaching method to guide students in a vibrant teaching environment, and guide students to understand the structure of music in terms of using endurance repertoire and teaching skills with music. This comprehensive approach to music education enables the dedicated and skilled teachers of the school to develop emerging artistry in each student. Both on-site and real-time remote programs are available. Students attending the course on site can flexibly participate in the course remotely at any time.

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