Jones And Jones Partners With Temple Terrace, Publishes Book And Plans…

Jones And Jones Partners With Temple Terrace, Publishes Book And Plans…


A partnership that aims to be a platform of hope for children going through traumatic events

Widely recognized book publisher Jones and Jones aims to host events for children in hospitals who are going through traumatic situations and life-threatening issues. To achieve this goal, the company took its first step by collaborating with veteran children’s book author Temple Terrace to publish a children’s book called Nick and You?. The book is used as an important tool to bring hope and love to the children who have no idea what they are going through. 100% about the kidsthe company will not rest on its laurels as it continues to strive to publish more children’s books to host more events and bring priceless joy to the little ones.

‘Nick and you?’ is a powerful book that combines the real-life experiences of families in the NICU. As an unsafe and scary place to live, the NICU remains home to many families and young children. There are many concerns about the children’s well-being and how they can survive the horrific experiences without their parents in the picture and without the knowledge of what is happening around them. Therefore, through the narration, the story tends to give hope to the children and let them know that they are not alone and sincere people are walking them through the process step by step. At the hospital event, the book is read to the children in such a way that they remember the moment for a long time. It will also be given away free of charge so that they can continue reading at any time after the event.

Founded in 2020, Jones and Jones has always been an organization concerned with the general wellbeing of children, particularly their psychological needs. The company is sincere and family oriented, by providing everything necessary to ensure the innocent children receive the best support they need to get through their conditions. “Jones and Jones is a…


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