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Joshua Kimmich renews Bayern Munich’s contract until 2025: he got good advice

Before EM 2021, a documentary went to ZDF Joshua KimichTitle: »His path to world class«. In it, the 26-year-old expressed his desire to become a European champion. At the time, he might not know that he should play an unpopular position as a right back in the European Cup. As we all know, the German team was eliminated in the round of 16-in order to achieve better results, the team may have at least one more Kimmich.

Another scene is also very important. Among them, Kimmich was praised by his partner Lena Meyer as the father of two children: “He did a better job than I thought.” Kimmich stood aside, clenching his fists like after a goal.

This is the typical posture of Joshua Kimmich. The man from Munich is one of the most aspiring football professionals in the Bundesliga.

What is certain is that the midfielder from Rottweil will continue to play his energy for Bayern Munich in the future. Kimmich’s contract with the record-breaking champion was extended to 2025 and became one of the team’s big names. There have been rumors recently that Kimmich should be able to earn 20 million euros in the next year, compared to around 10 million before. However, these figures have not been officially confirmed. As the Bavarian State Sports Director Hassan Salihamdžić quoted in a statement, Munich will postpone the sale as a “clear internal and external sign.”

Coach Nagelsman is the key

During the negotiations, Kimmich did not hire external consultants-which is rare in football. “I didn’t feel perfect during the last postponement,” Kimmich said on Monday.He didn’t want to rely on anyone, so he met directly with Salihamidzic and the new CEO Oliver Kahn Say.

An important factor of Kimmich is Julian Nagelsman As a new coach, his contract was extended by one year until 2026. Since joining Bayern Football Club in 2015, Kimmich has worked under five coaches. “Now you have a certain degree of security for the future,” he said. “It is very important for the team to hire a coach for so long.”

Alaba should be an exception

Kimmich’s promise is not surprising-and Thomas Muller He embodies the club’s motto: “Mia san mia”. Speculation about this has been around for a few weeks, and it’s basically just about running time. However, the signal effect evoked by the Bavarians is by no means insignificant.In the summer David Alaba29 years old, leaving the club for the first time in years, a professional player who can still play at the highest level for several years-and Bayern hopes to keep him. However, at any cost.

Now Munich can once again emphasize their unique selling point in the Bundesliga: from an economic point of view, they do not rely on transfer income, they can sign almost any player in the German market, if they absolutely want to leave someone from their team , This usually works.

The suction in Kimmich should Leon Gorecka follow. Together with the #WeKickCorona event, these two friends have raised more than 5 million euros in donations, and in this way have shown an extraordinary social commitment that should lead Bayern-and the national team-into the future of midfield. Gorecka’s contract expires after the end of this season and is expected to be renewed in the next few weeks.

Bayern wants to be German again

Under the leadership of Salihamidzic and Kahn, Bayern hopes to work hard for the German national players again, because the recent transfer views have increasingly turned to France; there are currently eight French in the team.Whether in the process of the new strategy Florian Wirtz (Bayer Leverkusen), Tiro Keller (Paris Saint-Germain), Ridle Baku (VfL Wolfsbug), Timo Werner (Chelsea) Or Florian Neuhaus (Monchengladbach) Will come, and may only become apparent during the season.

Because in the current transfer period ending on August 31, Munich is postponing.So far, in addition to coach Nagelsmann, the Munich team has paid a double-digit transfer fee for him. RB Leipzig Just pay Dayot Upamecano (also RB) as a player with 11 starting ambitions. The declining coronavirus pandemic has also hit Bayern.

Further transfer is still possible. With the style of the upcoming captain, Kimmich praised the quality of the existing team. But he also emphasized that he has tested the club’s ambitions in the negotiations-and seems to be satisfied with the answer: “Of course I want to continue to win European championships in the future.”

Kimmich wants to take care of everything by himself

However, with the current depth of the team, this should be difficult.Defensively, there are no players in the headquarters or on the right, so it is easy to get injured. Kingsley Coman Make the perimeter difficult, and it shouldn’t happen too much in midfield- Colentin Toliso Compared with Kimmich and Goretzka, it has dropped significantly.

You can say that Kimmich is especially known for being able to play more than 90% of the games this season without a serious performance drop. But will it stay in this state for a long time? Especially the European Championship shows that in difficult team stages, he tends to control everything in his own hands, sometimes even overwhelming himself.

“We will look at our choice to allow or not,” Salihamidzic said of Bayern’s possible transfer activities, and then added: “I don’t want to say more about this today.” Marcel Sabitzer (RB Leipzig) In fact, he is still a midfielder who can ease Kimmich.

If this is part of his deal, the consultant Kimmich negotiates well.

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