JPMorgan employees bemoan Dimon’s return-to-office edict claim it’s…

JPMorgan employees bemoan Dimon’s return-to-office edict claim it’s…


JPMorgan Chase & Co JPM CEO Jamie Dimon gets backlash from his co-workers about his return to office policy, according to Reuters.

Earlier this month, the company abandoned its hybrid attendance policy, asking all executives to come into the office five days a week.

“Our leaders play a critical role in strengthening our culture and running our businesses. They must be visible on site, meet with clients, teach and consult, and always be available for immediate feedback and impromptu meetings,” the company’s operations committee wrote in a note.

However, JPMorgan officials said the firm’s new mandate for senior executives was both “deaf” and “divisive,” Reuters reported.

The outlet noted that some of the company’s employees used JPMorgan’s internal messaging platform to voice their concerns.

Several employees reportedly complained about a “Zoom culture” in which they had to attend virtual meetings despite being in the office. They also shared challenges that came with long commutes and caregiving responsibilities.

“Most of the people on my team (and even on other teams around me) live quite a distance from the office,” one of the employees reportedly wrote in response to the memo. “Being stuck in traffic more often and paying even more for petrol (rising prices) is not good for me and many others.”

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A day after the memo was published, the comments section was locked.

In mid-2021, JPMorgan called employees back to the office on a rotating basis after months of pandemic-related closures. Echoing the company’s recent memo to employees, Dimon argued that it was necessary for executives to be available for impromptu conversations in the office.

“Some people didn’t play by the rules,” Dimon said in response to a Reuters question about an earnings media call earlier this month. “We don’t want to punish anyone for…


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