Kim Jong Un inspects North Korea’s first military spy satellite

Kim Jong Un inspects North Korea’s first military spy satellite


North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un inspected a military satellite facility on Tuesday while Pyongyang prepared for launch its first military spy satellite.

What happened: Kim also approved a “future plan of action” by the temporary preparatory committee for satellite launches, state media Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported.

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The successful launch of the military reconnaissance satellite was an “urgent demand of those in power”. security environment of the country” Kim said, according to the report.

“Having thoroughly acquainted himself with the work of the committee, [Kim] has inspected the No. 1 military reconnaissance satellite, which is ready for loading after final general assembly inspection and space environment test,” KCNA said.

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Why it matters: The announcement came after Pyongyang said earlier in the year that construction of its first military spy satellite was complete and final preparations for the satellite’s launch were underway.

As part of a strategy for Improvement and modernization of the country’s military capabilitiesIn 2021, the North Korean leader highlighted a military reconnaissance satellite as a key defense project in a 2021 plan.

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