Kim Jong Un plans new threat? Think Tank Flags Secret Modernization…

Kim Jong Un plans new threat? Think Tank Flags Secret Modernization…


This has been shown by new satellite images North Korea’s main missile launch site is being revised, indicating a possible expense of Kim Jong UnRegime to upgrade and modernize the facility amid tensions between the US and South Korea.

What happened: According to a recent report According to a US think tank, 38 North, there appears to be construction in a coastal area near North Korea’s Sohae satellite launch station, which was previously used for agriculture.

At the Tongchang-ri missile launch site, Pyongyang has previously tested important weapon systems, including a High-thrust solid rocket engine, last December.

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“It is unclear what this new build will accomplish, but it is likely part of the overall effort to modernize and improve the satellite launch facility in line with Kim Jong-un’s targets set in March 2022,” the report said.

Why it matters: The move came a week after North Korea said it would strengthen it nuclear defense capability and asserting its right of self-defense in response to the US and Seoul decision to station nuclear weapons near the Korean Peninsula.

The powerful sister of the North Korean dictator said her country will demonstrate more military might in response to a new deal aimed at countering North Korea’s nuclear threat.

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