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Kinkind launches new plastic-free dog shampoo bar

Dog grooming company Kinkind has launched a new plastic free dog shampoo bar named the ‘Make me pawsome bar’.

The firm said the shampoo is “just a bar of soap” making it “easier to wash your dog”. It added the lack of a bottle is also better for the environment as it uses less plastic.

The shampoo contains an odor neutralizing pet-safe active ingredient that captures your dog’s odor rather than just masking with heavy fragrances.

It also contains a “gentler cleanser” than bottled shampoo and has coconut oil which is good for coats.


Victoria Coe, Kinkind founder, said: “We created Kinkind ‘make me pawsome’ dog shampoo bar after receiving so many requests from our customers who were already loving our plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars for humans. Our dogs are such a major part Our families, and there is no reason why their shampoo needs to be in a plastic bottle either.

“As a dog lover I know that dogs don’t like strong fragrances, and yet we humans don’t like smelly dogs. Until now all dog shampoos use quite a lot of fragrance to mask odors. We wanted to create a Dog Shampoo Bar that would neutralize odors so that a lower level of fragrance could be used, so as not to upset the dog.”

Coe added: “Kinkind make me pawsome is the first dog shampoo to use a patented, animal safe, odor neutralizing active that captures the bad odors and washes them away, and leaves a light, fresh fragrance on the dogs coat. And last but not At least, our dog shampoo bar is formulated to gently cleanse the coat, and has lots of coconut oil for coat conditioning too.

“So, we’ve created the next generation of dog shampoo – plastic free, odor neutralizing and coat conditioning! Happy planet, happy dog!”

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