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Laughing Dog donated 6,000 pounds of dog food to charities across the UK

Laughing dog So far this year, it has donated over 6,000 pounds of dog food and snacks to help families and charities across the UK.

The company is made up of Folding Mountain Food, Said it plans to continue to support more charities throughout the year.

In addition to donating food as much as possible, Laughing Dog also launched a charity program to provide charities and relief homes with discounts on food and snacks.

Since 2019, Fold Hill Foods has donated more than £49,000 worth of dog food and snacks to dog charities, rescue centers and resettlement charities.

Laughing Dog Charity Fundraising Coordinator Mitchell Pearson said: “We support as many dog ​​charities and rescue operations as possible-donating our Laughing Dog baked goods and dog food, as well as mixed meals.

“As a family business, it is very important for us to help support charities, which means that we can meet many new four-legged friends in the process.”

He added: “We also support local charities-every month we give our employees the opportunity to nominate and vote for their favorite Lincolnshire charity, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to make suggestions to help support the local community .”

Fold Hill Foods is one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the UK and the birthplace of the Laughing brand Dog food, Chewing and pointers.

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