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Lawmakers say the Biden administrator missed the deadline to respond to the racial profiling report of border agents

ACLU of Michigan report have discovered”[a]Although Latinos make up only 16.8% of the state’s foreign-born population, 85% of non-citizens arrested by the Border Patrol are from Latin America. “The vast majority of people intercepted by border agents have identities. Over 33% are American citizens, and the other 13% have some kind of legal status.

The report continued: “The Border Patrol did not comply with its task of patrolling the Canadian border and instead arrested the vast majority of people who are long-term residents of Michigan.”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan report further pointed out how local and state law enforcement “play a key role in helping the Border Patrol target people of color: Nearly half of Border Patrol arrests (48.6%) started with state or local law enforcement agencies. Start traffic interception.” In the case of Anulfo Gomez, he Watched in horror as border guards harass his team after they were stopped Michigan State Police, it is said that the exhaust pipe is very loud. He fears that his two U.S. citizen children will tear their family apart. In the end, they were allowed to leave the scene.

“He has no reason to pull us over,” Gomez said in the report. “As soon as he saw that we were brown, he followed us. Then they immediately called the Border Patrol.” After the report was released, The House Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommittee wrote to the Biden administration Request a briefing, Say They “are deeply disturbed by the discriminatory behavior of abuse of power and taxpayer funds.”

The legislator wrote: “70% of illegal border crossings across the northern U.S. border were carried out by individuals of Canadian or European descent, but less than 4% of the overall CBP’s detention involved white people.” “All in all, these findings indicate that CBP’s actions in Michigan are not so much focused on its legal enforcement priorities as they are harassing Michigan’s long-term residents. This approach seems to systematically and disproportionately target Latino residents.”

But the September 1 deadline set by lawmakers has passed, and the government has not responded. “The Department of Homeland Security did not comment on missed deadlines, but previously stated that CBP’s policy is to prohibit race or ethnicity from being considered in investigations and screenings, “except for the most exceptional circumstances,”” ClickOnDetroit continued.

There are many things that migration agents are forbidden to do but no matter Because they have never been held accountable. This has crossed government departments. “Abuse of power and those who feel they are above the law is a long-standing problem,” Tlaib said in the report.widthThe cross-administrative problem is that the various departments completely ignore the Congress’s response request, and Congress provides funding for these departments. Billions per yearWhy are the departments faltering when Congress continues to fund them without a doubt?

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