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Lawyers say that Afghans in the Bay Area have encountered devastating obstacles in getting their families out of Kabul.

San Francisco (KGO) – almost a week later Afghanistan Falling into the hands of the Taliban army, the situation on the ground is as desperate as ever.

“He is very afraid of what will happen to his family,” immigration lawyer Ambrock said.

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Bullock works with a man living in the Castro Valley. His wife and children are still trapped in Kabul.

She said the family tried to get to the airport four times this week, but they were unsuccessful or turned around each time.

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“They can’t leave. They can’t get here. They are too dangerous to even go to the airport. I have never encountered this situation. I have practiced the immigration laws for 35 years in 35 years,” Bullock said.

Spojmie Nasiri also heard such stories.

East Bay immigration lawyers are working with about 50 Afghan families. She said her clients face stampedes, tear gas, shootings and Taliban checkpoints.

According to Spojimie and Block, the U.S. State Department stated that all their customers are eligible to be evacuated back to the U.S. and have obtained visa documents.

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However-things still go wrong.

“They overwhelmed this visa document. Everyone can get it, whether you are a citizen, a resident, a pending case, or you just want to leave Afghanistan. So the soldiers began to say that the case is not true and there is no you on it. The name does not have your case number on it. Therefore, those who legally need to enter cannot enter and still cannot enter,” Nasiri said.

But despite the fear and confusion, the lawyers say one thing is still clear.

“We need to be able to get these people away. It depends on us, trusting the US government to do the right thing to them. There must be a way to do this,” Brock said.

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