Leadership rethought: What you need to know

Leadership rethought: What you need to know


Courtney Young, nationally recognized community leader and expert on The DRIVE Method™, challenges leaders to move from influence to impact as the professional landscape moves from survival to service

08/10/2022 / PRZen / COLUMBIA, SC – There is no doubt – the professional landscape has changed exponentially and on a global scale in recent years. More than 65% of people report dissatisfaction with their jobs and are actively trying to improve their lives, starting with their jobs. Only the leaders who are observant — and willing to grow at the deep, holistic level that the American workforce demands — will come out ahead of it.

Courtney Young’s message is simple: If you want to be a leader today, you have to do it differently than ever before. Their signature DRIVE method is a step-by-step approach to doing just that.

“Leaders need to lead people with care. When leaders are struggling, imagine the people! The Great Resignation exists because people want something different and it’s not just about more money. They want a better version of their current life. Leaders must now set goals that meet the bottom line, but support and advance their teams on the journey to greatness.” -Courtney Young

Here are the top three insights leaders need to know and act on:

  1. Employee expectations have changed. Gone are the days when employees only cared about their paycheck. The last few years have been a powerful reminder to people that there is more to life than work. They want flexibility, freedom, visibility and compassion. If leaders rely solely on outdated tactics like raises and promotions, they will end up without teams to manage. Leaders must be exceptional in their roles and move from survival to true service.
  2. Organizational agility is paramount. Never before has it been important for leaders and their organizations to know about…

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