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Lessons from Boy Wonder Matthew Monaco, the trader who made millions in 4 years

key takeaways

  • Why do I call Matthew Monaco “Wonder Boy”? Dive into his trading career to find out…
  • Discover all the resources Matt has to help you level up your trading game.
  • Watch Matt in action! I’ve written my popular video with this trader so you can learn with him today.

Enter Matt’s procedure to find his trading strategy – learn more now

Remember when Matt Monaco’s First $100,000 What’s the big deal? It seems like just yesterday, he just graduated from college and started trading stocks like crazy.

Now, in January 2022, he’s almost there $2 million – less than two years later. That’s why Matt earned the nickname “Wonder Boy.”

But wild growth like this doesn’t just happen. Achieving these gains requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Today I want to show you how Matt can be a great trader.

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Let’s start with some stats, patterns and key moments from Matt’s career…

Statistical data

  • Over 3,800 transactions
  • Win rate is over 58%
  • The average percentage gain is 8.25%
  • Nearly $2 million in trading profits

Check out Matt’s chart here.

favorite pattern

Matt mainly deals in bread multi-day breakthrough, panic buyingand ABCD model. I have discussed these three strategies in detail over the years. So cool to see Matt have such a huge success with them.


  • 2017: Join the Trading Challenge and start trading
  • 2019: Creating the Beyond PDT Podcast with Bryce Tuohey
  • 2020: Record 30 Days of Camp with Me and Keep It Up $620k profit for this year
  • 2021: passed the $1 million mark and approached $2 million

Study with Matt

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  • 30 day training camp: Matt sat down with me to break down stock trading into three stages: Fundamentals, Strategy and Patterns, and Practice. These three stages are the steps that I, Matt, and other excellent students have followed to achieve great success.
  • small cap rocket: This StocksToTrade chat room is where you can find Matt. Along with former college roommate and best freshman Bryce Toch, Matt shares his live trades every day. He dives into what he’s trying and why. He also talks to members and answers trading questions.
  • moon landing report: INSEPARABLE Matt and Bryce also share the platform…they share their views on macro market strategies, cryptocurrencies, trading breakdowns, and what to focus on each week.
  • Crypto Rocket: Passionate about encryption? Matt and Kyle Williams discuss what they think is the best coin to land on the moon. They also remind trading, discuss the entire market, and offer a 14-day bootcamp to learn crypto trading strategies.

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Matt Monaco in Italy
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Watch Matt in action

Matthew Monaco is just getting started

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Matt discovered me while browsing YouTube in high school. He doesn’t remember the exact video, but he thinks It’s a strong contender.

He prepared himself with the mentality of a liar. He does everything he can to achieve his goals, like saving money to apply for my trading challenge and start trading. Matt said entering was the real start of his trading career…

And he’s still working hard! This guy blew me away.

Matt is now trading close to $2 million in profit and is his own mentor. He has grown exponentially since the beginning of 2020. I don’t think this growth will stop anytime soon!

Matt is a great example if you work hard. Apply for a Trading Challenge If you’re ready to follow in Matt’s footsteps!

If you have any questions, please comment Matt below and congratulate him on so many killer deal milestones!

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