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Let children’s summer vacation become a work of art!

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Do your budding young artists want to be creative this summer?Okay, parents, this is not a typical simple stroke refrigerator drawing situation-this is Goose Fat Summer Workshop SeriesThe 2021 summer course includes everything from Japanese woodblock prints to exploring the world of Narnia and the Hobbit through immersive 3D art. The six-week series is developing so fast that the owners Anna and Juan Donado will add another two weeks of program time at the end of August.

Children eager to create freely will love the immersive nature of these projects, while also being able to learn about history, culture, etc. Not only will your children have a comprehensive understanding of folk art-they will even use collages, pop-ups, printmaking and mixed media to make their own folk art books, focusing on the artists who help shape folk art around the world! Or your mini New Yorker can build their own mini brown stone while learning about the history of the Harlem Renaissance. With every exciting art class at Brooklyn Studio, students have outdoor play time every day and enjoy a packed lunch brought from home in the park.The uniqueness of the show is a recognition of the artistic efforts of the husband and wife team Juan and Anna Goose oil The wooden dolls were carved by local craftsmen in Bogota, Colombia, and then painted by hand in their Brooklyn workspace. Co-founder Anna Donado said: “This is an organic process, from drawing wooden miniatures to teaching how to draw them, and then finally creating the entire program that accompanies the educational curriculum.”

Goose Grease Summer Workshops can enrich your child’s mind like other courses, and your child will get more than just another refrigerator picture when they leave. If your 5-12 year old young artist is ready to have fun this summer while being confident in his work, knowledge and friendliness to others, then these workshops are just for you!

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