Lexy Panterra aims to make cannabis ‘glamorous and classy’ with…

Lexy Panterra aims to make cannabis ‘glamorous and classy’ with…


Lexy Panterra is not just an indie singer-songwriter and rapper from Northern California. She is also the founder of a popular fitness company twerkout.

Her latest venture – Baddie Blunt Rings – marks a “new era” in her career, she told Benzinga.

These rings can hold a joint and offer an easy and stylish way to smoke weed. The collection includes rings in three styles and two colors.

“My Baddie Blunt Rings are unique because they are completely odorless. Using them will ensure your hair and nails don’t smell like smoking,” Panterra said. “We’re also introducing an elegant way to smoke in public.”

In addition, she said: “By using Baddie Blunt Rings you are also able to multitask because you don’t have to physically hold the blunt – the ring does all the work. These are great for men and women on the go, hustlers who are always working on different projects and want to make life easier while enjoying the smoke.”

The pipeline

Speaking to Benzinga, Panterra revealed that following the success of her debut album, she is preparing to release a custom ring with her signature logo on it.

This is the start of a new era in her career, Panterra said, and deserves to be celebrated.

She defines this new era as one of female empowerment, unashamed self-expression and self-confidence.

My goal is to “revolutionize smoking while making it glamorous and stylish at the same time,” she said.

More about Lexy

Panterra is a Billboard Top 100 artist who continues to come out with new music and new ideas to surprise her fans around the world. In 2014, she took the internet by storm after launching her hugely popular fitness company, Twerkout.

Panterra has personally trained celebrities such as Mel B, Snoop Dogg, Christina Millian, Karrueche, Tiny, Tamera Mowry, Adrienne Bailon, Bella Thorne and many more.

In January, Panterra released their EP A Gemini Valentine, which was followed by a west coast tour with DaniLeigh.


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