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Understanding creditworthiness is becoming increasingly important when applying for a home loan, and non-bank lender Liberty helps borrowers look their best.

When it comes to home loan, higher credit ratings usually means those looking to buy a home or investment property have more options. However, as interest rates continue to rise, borrowers may find that the maximum amount they can borrow is further impacted.

The good news is that creditworthiness is not set in stone. According to Liberty, it is possible for borrowers to upgrade their capacity and expand their real estate options. According to Heidi Armstrong, Liberty’s head of communications, there are steps borrowers can take to strengthen their position before applying for a home loan.

“While your borrowing capacity may vary from lender to lender, it typically takes into account factors such as income, cost of living and other existing debt,” Ms. Armstrong said. “Reducing credit card facilities and existing debt and repayments can help increase your borrowing capacity if the lender is evaluating.”

As a leader in the Australian mortgage market, Liberty uses sophisticated credit scoring processes designed to help borrowers obtain a home loan that suits their needs. With a variety of free-thinking home loans, Liberty offers customized solutions designed to help more people gain finance and achieve their homeownership goals.

The fast-growing lender also encourages borrowers to lay the groundwork ahead of time to help them build a strong position. An online loan calculator is a great tool to help you estimate how much you can borrow when looking for a home loan.

With a range of home loan options and an indicative online pre-approval, Liberty can help borrowers evaluate their options and find the home loan that is right for their situation.

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