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Link 1/6/2022 | Naked Capitalism

Yves came and set off with a thin ration. Please come back at 8 AM Eastern Standard Time for more information.

Croatian rescuers praised the sled dogs for caring for injured climbers during the 13-hour rescue, while the American German Shepherd issued a crash warning Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Kevin W). Ahhh…

The dog led the New Hampshire Police to the scene of her injured owner’s car accident NPR (David L)

A cat and his hiding chair were accidentally donated to a thrift store Boing Boing (resilc)

The coyote-like golden jackal is declaring sovereignty to Europe. Why now? Christian Science Monitor

Animals also laugh: UCLA research found that 65 animals, from mice to cows, are laughing Open Culture (David L)

The researchers let the goldfish drive a wheeled mobile tank.Watch what happened Haaretz (David L)

Is cold really good for you? Wired (Chuck L)

Schrodinger’s slow walk caused a counterattack IEEE Spectrum (Dr. Kevin)

This 717 gigapixel photo is the highest resolution artwork ever taken PetaPixel (David L)

James Webb Space Telescope extended secondary mirror BBC (Kevin W)

Hedgehog evolved antibiotic-resistant super bacteria BBC (Kevin W)

Michael Dirda reviews TS Eliot’s complete prose: Critical Edition Washington Post (Anthony L)

#Coronavirus disease

A metropolis with a population of 14 million is confined to homes RT (Kevin W)

Novak Djokovic seeks an injunction against deportation from Australia Financial time. His biggest mistake seems to be the initial exemption in publicity.


Research casts doubt on the reliability of rapid Covid testing immediately after infection STAT (Dr. Kevin). Wow, false negatives are a known issue…but see to what extent:

On days 0 and 1 after the PCR test was positive, all the antigen tests used produced false negative results, although in 28 of the 30 cases, the level of the virus detected by the PCR test was high enough to infect others people. In four cases, the researchers were able to confirm that the infected person had spread the virus to others before the rapid antigen test result was positive.

WeChat account: Emerging data raises questions about antigen testing and nasal swabs New York Times (Robert M)

A few days old, but data is scarce:


Covid: Pre-departure travel test will be cancelled British Broadcasting Corporation


One year later, how is Biden doing in response to the pandemic? Justin Feldman (Lois F). Today’s must read. A convincing and well-supported view of why the Biden administration’s approach is so misleading. Given the lack of lasting immunity, it is scientifically crazy, but politically convenient, because it conforms to “will not change at all”:

I think the Biden administration has made a strategic decision to prepare for a specific pandemic situation. In this case, high levels of illness and death will continue to exist in early 2021, after which the population will generally develop immunity to vaccination and previous infections. This population immunity will reduce the number of deaths to a manageable and negligible level, just like seasonal flu. In this case, the Biden administration’s pandemic response will focus on vaccination and medical care, while largely rejecting other public health measures—the so-called “non-pharmaceutical intervention” policy, from contact tracing to large-scale Detection, and then temporarily shut down non-essential services.

As schools are under pressure, Covid hospitalization rates for American children have soared guardian

CDC recommends the first Covid-19 booster for children aged 12-15 Wall Street Journal

CDC hopes you can solve Covid by yourself New York Times (David L)

The Grammy Awards Ceremony is officially postponed Variety (Kevin W)


As the CDC quarantine guidelines change, Walmart cuts Covid paid leave by half CNBC (Kevin W)

Due to the surge in Omicron, Norwegian Cruise Line cancelled the voyage of 8 ships as of April Business insider

relatively…With the increase in cases and criticism, the cruise ship is still sailing New York Times

COP26/climate change

1.5 degree goal: beware of unintended consequences Yale Climate Link

Notes on California’s new composting law Gizmodo (Kevin W)

Your man in Thornton prison part 1 Craig Murray (guurst)

The New Right’s Cruel Fantasy of International Nationalism New Republic (resilc)

Kazakhstan. I’m not ready yet, but I want to start…


The head of Israeli military intelligence calls for the resumption of the Iran nuclear agreement -Responsible governance strategy. Resilc: “More based on reality than pols.”

The UAE’s clock is ticking in Yemen cradle

According to reports, the Taliban ordered the decapitation of store models RT (Dr. Kevin)

Empire Folding Watch

In a tight corner of Europe, SEALs and green berets are helping a close ally use old American equipment to improve their skills Business insider. Wowsers, what a strange planting story.


They went viral on January 6. This is what happened to them. Yahoo! (Kevin W)

Twitter will search for “harmful content” on January 6th RT (Kevin W)

Republicans promised to expel the insurgents on January 6.A year later, they cleared the critics on January 6 The Rolling Stones (David L)

The “First Amendment Archons” panel came into play on January 6th Gentleman (furry)

What drove the Democrats in West Virginia to storm the Capitol on January 6th? Intercept (resilc)

How did the civil war begin,’Warning about national conditions New York Times (Dr. Kevin)

Attorney General Merrick Garland speaks on the January 6th attack C-SPAN (Kevin C)

Jimmy Carter: I worry about our democracy New York Times (David L)

trump card

Seattle police falsified radio chat about Proud Boys during the 2020 racial justice protests – regulator The Guardian (David L)


Press conference of Secretary of State Brinken and the German Foreign Minister C-SPAN (Kevin C)

Michigan’s rezoning dispute exposes competing interests in the Democratic coalition Hill

California found PG&E equipment responsible for large-scale Dixie fire NBC Finance Channel

Wake up the watch

Strong opposition from whites is also a kind of racial reckoning FiveThirtyEight (resilc)

The U.S. surpasses Qatar to become the world’s largest LNG exporter Oil price

Don’t tell anyone, but 2021 will be amazing Paul Krugman The New York Times (Kevin W). It is further confirmed that the word “amazing” needs to be deactivated.

Christopher Mims’s “Arrival Today” enters the global supply chain NPR (David L)

The new law will install a stop switch on all new cars Motorius (Dr. Kevin)

France is making car ads, including a disclaimer saying cycling or walking Electrek (Dr. Kevin)

Meet Jed Rakoff, the judge who exposed the “Game of Manipulation” Matt Tybee. One of my proud moments in the championship battle was to help teach a CLE credit course, and Rakoff led the group.

Miles Walker of A OK Walker Autoworks was sued after paying Andreas Flaten oily pennies in a fierce salary dispute independent

ADP surprises on rising private employment Menzi Chin

Stocks and precious metals charts – Hawkish Shock Syndrome Jessie

Bitcoin dives after Kazakhstan kills the internet broadcast. Oops!

Today’s Antidote (Robert H):

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