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Link 11/28/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Kongthong: Indian village where your name is a song British Broadcasting Corporation

It has been 30 years since Freddie Mercury passed away.His music is still the soundtrack of our lives electric wire

From the harem to the bathhouse Literary review

Albrecht Dürer was Andy Warhol in the 16th century audience

In a building Aeon

A brief history of glass science Smithsonian

Bee Gold: Why honey is an insect superfood British Broadcasting Corporation

#Coronavirus disease

It’s time for us to start preparing for future epidemics Al Jazeera. Gordon Brown. There is no argument here. Except maybe we should deal with this first?

Countries should not invoke the Nagoya Protocol to avoid sharing pathogens and genetic sequences statistics

How the $4 trillion Covid Relief flood can fund the future now


South Africa’s response to travel restrictions imposed by multiple countries Republic of South Africa website

As Omicron Variant surrounds the world, African countries face accusations and bans now

South Africa asks Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer to stop sending vaccines Bloomberg


Covid: Two new variants of Omicron found in the UK British Broadcasting Corporation

COVID: Germany confirms the first two omicron variant cases German wave

Covid: The Netherlands enters partial lockdown amid a surge in infections British Broadcasting Corporation

As the world is on alert, COVID variants spread to more countries Associated Press

Australia confirms two cases of Omicron COVID-19 variant Reuters

Mandatory Covid PCR testing on arrival in the UK is a “huge blow” to the tourism industry guardian

Exclusive | Coronavirus: British Airways suspends passenger flights to and from Hong Kong South China Morning Post

Israel bans entry of foreigners to stop the Omicron variant Jerusalem post


“It’s Coming”: The Governor of New York State declares a state of emergency for the new variant of Omicron independent

After 99 more students tested positive, the number of coronavirus cases at Karnataka Medical College rose to 281 scroll


Drugmakers race to test vaccines against variants of the new coronavirus Financial Times

Cuba’s vaccine may eventually save millions of lives Jacobin

Iowa hospital gave children the wrong dose of COVID vaccine Daily news

Covid-19 vaccine or infection: which has stronger immunity? Wall Street Journal

COP26/climate change

Deep adaptation: Will climate change cause society to collapse? electric wire

Alliance and emissions Thin ink

How the new global carbon market exaggerates climate progress MIT Technology Review

India’s road to net zero diplomat

Infographic: The 100 most polluted cities in the world Al Jazeera

It’s time to be afraid of fungus Ars Technica

After Powell was elected, Biden faced new pressure from climate organizations Hill

close to home New Atlantis

Class struggle

Penetrating Amazon: What I learned from the undercover of this corporate giant Breach of contract

Worker’s paradise?Portugal’s new telecommuting law comes under fire Associated Press

How Delaware sells the world’s greatest and most insidious financial secrecy tool Crime reading. Just contacted my bookseller and ordered this book. More anonymity.

Corrupt legal war Project Syndicate

Our famous free media

Billionaire Bill Gates uses money to shape the media Jacobin

Kill me now

“Nobody” in Biden’s West Wing is closing rumors about Buttigieg as a potential presidential successor: report Business insider

Empire Folding Watch

Tom Wright on the US Navy’s “Fat Leonard” scandal and corruption Browser

The impeachment investigation confirmed: Yes, Cuomo’s book deal is shady. Literary Center

Jeffrey Epstein Incident

Judgment of the Century: Gisline Maxwell is “prepared” to take a stand on child sex trafficking and trafficking charges to save her life Daily mail

Apocalypse: What Prince Andrew faces at the beginning of the trial of his old friend Gisline Maxwell Forbes


The biggest rift: Iran’s nuclear agreement negotiations are forgotten politics


Dark gold network promotes pro-UAE/Saudi policy from New York Responsible country strategy

Taliban secret agents seized Kabul and other Afghan cities from the inside Wall Street Journal


The historic decision of the Argentine court in the genocide case against Myanmar Burma Rohingya Organization (BROUK)


Turkey’s economic woes fuel speculation about early elections Mirror

Turkish currency crisis textbook currency mismanagement Asia Times


Lula v Bolsonaro London Review of Books


Indian farmers defend their rights everywhere Recoil

Indian farmers say Modi’s abolition of the agricultural law is not enough diplomat

Repeal of Agricultural Law: The Constitutional Design of India’s Factor Market Reform Bloomberg Quint

An impossible creation Global history of thought

Explanation: Why India’s offshore wind energy potential is still untapped Indian consumption

Russian President Putin will visit India on December 6 for a bilateral meeting scroll

Julian Assange

The Spanish judge said that the United States is investigating the security company suspected of monitoring Assange for the CIA. Yahoo News

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