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Liverpool does not release Salah of Egypt-football missed the call

The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) announced that Liverpool will not allow Mohamed Salah to participate in his national team’s next game due to health restrictions related to the resumption of the coronavirus pandemic. For the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers, the Pharaohs will play two matches on the International Match Day in early September, against Angola in Cairo and Gabon in Franceville. British media revealed that the Red Army also refused to let Brazilians Fabinho, Roberto Firmino and Alisson Becker leave to participate in Celeso’s next three Qatar World Cup qualifiers. Both Egypt and Brazil are on the British government’s red list of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to EFA, Liverpool’s decision is related to the fact that every player who leaves the two countries must be quarantined for ten days after returning. UEFA also stated that it has asked FIFA to remove the quarantine obligation for international players in order to allow them to join the national team. This summer, Liverpool refused Salah to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, and Egypt lost to Brazil in the quarter-finals. For the same reason, two other famous players, Mohamed Ernene (Arsenal) and Ahmed Hassan Mahgoub (Olympiacos) also did not appear in the Egyptian coach Hosam Badri In the lineup.

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