Lorton Group Expands Fabric Availability and Collection ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Lorton Group Expands Fabric Availability and Collection ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Lorton Group, one of the leading manufacturers of hospital and shower curtains, has revealed its expanded curtain fabric collection. The company has announced that customers can now choose from various fabric materials and designs to find the perfect curtains that meet their hospital or any other setup requirements.

Lorton Group
Lorton Group

The company has two separate lines of cubicle and shower curtain textiles. The cubicle curtain textile is available as Designer cubicle curtain fabric and Tone-on-tone cubicle curtain fabric. All the curtain fabrics available for cubicle privacy purposes meet the NFPA 701 flame spread requirements. The curtains have an antimicrobial finish to inhibit the spread of bacteria, mold, and fungus. The fabrics are sourced from reputable fabric manufacturers from across the United States.

The Designer cubicle curtains are available in 72 inches and are made of 100% FR polyester. The fabric design features cool earthy tones in natural-looking shades of green, brown, blue, and off-white. The curtains’ design is muted and homogeneous, which means it blends in with the hospital setting.

The Tone-on-tone cubicle curtains are also available in a 72-inch size and are made of 100% FR polyester. The fabric designs include a vast range of single-color fabrics featuring a lighter color self-print of squares incorporated into the curtain fabric. The curtains are an ideal addition for muted spaces like ICUs. However, the impressive color range also includes more cheerful tones for children’s wards with deeper brown and cinnamon tones for a more stylized and personalized doctor’s office setting.

The shower curtain textiles are also available in two distinct styles: fabric shower curtains and vinyl shower curtains. Each curtain style has identical dimensions making it easier to switch between the curtains. The curtains are also NFPA 701 vertical flammability certified and have an anti-microbial finish.

All fabric shower curtains are a standard 72…


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