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Quiet day ahead of Wednesday’s Federal Reserve meeting

June 2022 low 3666

Today 3873

CNBC this morning

  • Thomas Petterfy, CIO Interactive Brokers

  • “Cash balances are at an all-time high”

Central bank meetings this week:

  • USA, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, UK

  • Jay Powell is very likely to rise 75 basis points

Fed rate ceiling

10 years 3.5%



IX 28

Raw 82 -3%

  • OPEC heavyweight UAE (United Arab Emirates) is accelerating plans to increase oil production

  • It aims to produce 5 million barrels per day by 2025, up from previous plans for 2030

  • The UAE produced 3.4 million barrels per day in August

Chancellor Scholz

Income None


Digital Asset Flows (last week)

  • Low activity, total inflows of $7 million

  • ether ETH/USD: continue caution after merging

  • Bitcoin BTC/USD: snaps 5 week vaginal discharge streak

  • Inflows into multi-asset products have remained stable

Source: CoinShares

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