Everywhere Magidomes pop up at festivals, in backyards and fit perfectly in gardens. A Magidome is an easy to construct 1V geodesic dome that is simple, affordable and a lot of fun. One of the biggest hurdles in building a home and garden is measurement and complex tools. This is where Magidome makes it easy. Their special geodesic dome connectors fit 25 equal length timbers that can be pre-drilled and bolted together in an afternoon to build a versatile geodesic dome. The rest is left to the imagination.

Engineered for simplicity and versatility.

Bringing people together, creating magic, memories and amazing things, that’s what Magidome is all about. From astronomers building them to stare at the stars, gardeners growing food, or festival campers. Magidomes have found a place in the hearts and minds of DIY enthusiasts worldwide.

Magidome makes building a geodesic dome easy and exciting. Designed with ease of use in mind, Magidome geodesic dome connectors are great for anyone with a basic tool kit. Useful for all sorts of things from geodesic greenhouses to camping domes, vine-covered gazebos, backyard chicken tractors, or amazing shade structures.

People’s creativity makes this a really cool DIY project.

Magidome was originally made to build shelters for the homeless and promote urban food security through the use of greenhouses. Magidome is focused on making a positive change in the world, dome by dome! The idea is to inspire others to come together and foster community through hands-on experiences,

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