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Margaret Atwood’s Children’s Book Tric Trac Trio Published-Books

(ANSA)-Rome, August 23-Three extravagant stories, interesting stories of three irresistible little protagonists, who play with the alphabet in a thousand adventures and changes. This is Margaret Atwood (Salani) children’s book Tric Trac Trio, illustrated by Dusan Petricic and published on August 26. A book that can be read aloud, can play with words, their meanings, especially their sounds, in order to discover the miracles of our language.

“Canada’s most elegant contemporary writer Margaret Atwood (Margaret Atwood) dedicated three interesting and delightful stories to the youngest readers, in which the description of the protagonist’s contradictory adventure is to strictly abide by the rules and be bold. The result of an initials language game”, she said Bianca Pitzorno. The author of “The Handmaid’s Tale” (the foundation of “The Handmaid’s Tale”, the 9th Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Award-winning TV series) has written children’s books and now launches Tric Trac Trio and its protagonist. “This is Marbella, a thin child with melancholy brown eyes: when she was a child, a whirling and deadly northwest wind took her generous parents, her mother hatter, and her meek father butcher Brought a thousand miles away. Bob, who was abandoned as a baby in a bamboo bag outside the beauty salon, but then she met the abandoned Dorinda, a delightful young girl with dozens of freckles and A kind of disarming sympathy. He follows the rude Ramiro, a little boy. From the red mop before daring to escape with his friend Ralf, he and his disgusting cousins ​​Ron, Rollo and Ruby lives together…”. (deal with).

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