Missouri cannabis legalization initiative under fire again as GOP lawmakers introduce revised marijuana law

Just one day after Missouri’s initiative to legalize cannabis cleared out To appear on the ballot this November, Rep. Ron Hicks (R) introduced a slightly modified version of a bill legalizing the plant on Wednesday, Marijuana Moment reported.

marijuana freedom law,” the beginning of the year under the title “Cannabis Freedom Act” and advanced by the board, represents an alternative to the Legal Missouri 2022 initiative. The revised law now contains an emergency clause on the electoral initiative.

Although Governor Mike Parson said that recently Legalizing recreational cannabis will not be an issue when Missouri lawmakers meet at the Capitol this week, hicks said in a press release on Wednesday that “I hope that legislative action on my Marijuana Freedom Act will encourage the governor to support passage of this bill.

“Missourians don’t want their Constitution used to maintain monopolies in the marijuana market, and they don’t want criminal or civil penalties in the Constitution,” Hicks continued. “Passing the Marijuana Freedom Act will ensure that this corrupt initiative is rejected by voters.”

Hciks’ bill would allow adults over the age of 21 to purchase and possess cannabis from licensed retailers, while not specifying the personal possession limit. Under the bill, growing up to 12 plants for personal use would also be legal. The measure also includes cancellation and tax provisions.

Review of Canada’s cannabis law to be implemented after the Queen’s funeral

A review of Canada’s 2018 cannabis law has been delayed due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to Marijuana Business Daily, the review was scheduled to begin Wednesday, almost three years after Canada legalized cannabis.

The Prime Minister’s 18-month review Justin Trudeau‘s historical legislation is carried out by Jean Yves…


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