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Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz suddenly appeared in prison, where several congressional riot suspects were held but were turned away. They now accuse the Washington authorities of “hiding something.”

  • Green and Gates visited the District of Columbia Department of Corrections on Thursday.
  • They requested to visit the facility with the camera crew and check suspects in the Capitol riots, but were not allowed to enter.
  • Legislators spoke for defendants in the January 6 riots at a press conference earlier this week, but were interrupted when protesters broke in.

On Thursday, representatives Matt Gates, Marjorie Taylor Green, and Louis Gommert tried to visit suspects in the January 6th Capitol riots at the Department of Corrections in Washington, DC, but were rejected.Then they held a Press conference With Virginia Rep. Bob Goode, they said they “care about” the treatment of detainees.

Gates Thursday Tweet A video of himself being detained outside the Correctional Services Department.

Gates said in the video: “The door is locked, we are just here to ask questions, and now they locked the door to prevent us from entering.”

Greene, Gaetz and Gohmert appear in another video Talk to officials outside the detention center. Correctional officers told them that they were obstructing the entrance to the facility.

Green and Gates also Talk to people in the press After they visited the facility.

“We suspect that the United States has a two-tier judicial system that arrests and releases Trump supporters who were indicted on January 6 and Antifa and BLM thugs who rioted and destroyed the city,” Green said.

“We showed up at the facility and sought a visit,” Gates said, adding that he wanted to know “(Attorney General) Merrick Garland’s hiding.”

“We are not a member of Congress who will leave… If you think you have been abused, targeted, abused, or separately listed as part of your political and legal activities, please understand this-we will continue Fight for you,” Gates said.

Correctional Services Department told Hill In a statement, lawmakers were turned away because they appeared at the facility “unauthorized film crew requested to visit the facility.”

The statement added: “All visitors, including residents’ family members, lawyers and public officials, must abide by the DOC’s rules and procedures.”

On Tuesday, the lawmakers held another Press conference Also outside the Department of Justice Four congressional police testify Review the events of January 6 before the Special Committee of the House of Representatives.

Outside of the DOJ, lawmakers responded to the accusations of individuals related to the January 6 riots—they called them “political prisoners”—that they were Beaten by guards And put in Solitary confinement.

However, I was hit at the press conference on Tuesday A small group of protesters Waving flag Calling legislators “traitors”, “rapists” and “pedophiles”, the last one may refer to Ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice Does Gates have sex with minorsGates denied these allegations.

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