Mark Cuban compares ChatGPT to early internet

Mark Cuban compares ChatGPT to early internet


billionaire Mark Cuban compared the resulting version of artificial intelligence Widespread today with the dawn of the Internet on Monday.

What happened: The Dallas Mavericks owner said the launch of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, was like launching the internet because “everyone knew” it was going to have an impact.

He said: “We made it seem a lot more complicated [than] it was” in his post on Twitter.

“Any kid who learned HTML and built websites for businesses was considered a tech genius. The same goes for using ChatGPT/LLMs. [Large Language Models].”

Cuban urged everyone to try the artificial intelligence technology available today.

“It is no longer perceived as difficult, but recognized as fundamental and used by everyone. It’s easy to try and experiment with. If you haven’t.

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Why it matters: Recently, Kubaner highlighted that Meaning of AI in another Twitter conversation, saying: “There are two types of companies in the world. The ones who are great at AI and everyone else.”

He said between AI and blockchain technology underpinning this Bitcoin BTC/USDthe latter was more effective.

Cuban demonstrated how powerful ChatGPT was by saying it could generate the same questions that some sports journalists ask about games.

The entrepreneur asked ChatGPT to become an NBA sportscaster and field questions for a team that had just lost a first-round playoff series to their lowest-ranked rival.

The famous Shark Tank investor has previously said we’re on it “first innings” what will happen with interactive AI models.

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