Mark Cuban says Americans shouldn’t choose between rent, food or…

Mark Cuban says Americans shouldn’t choose between rent, food or…


Famous billionaire entrepreneur and owner of Dallas Maverick Mark Cuban believes Americans don’t have to choose between necessities like food, medicine, or rent.

And he has provided a solution to at least one of those essential elements.

What happened: Cuban caught a “The long shot podPodcast during the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas in early July, where Cuban rated the Maverick’s rookie and benchers. He discussed various topics like his biggest shark tank deals, why he bought the Mavs and what he’s doing to shake up the healthcare industry in a big way.

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“You shouldn’t have to choose between your rent, your food, or your meds — that sucks in every way,” Cuban said of the birth of his low-cost prescription drug company.

“We [came] first find a way to buy generic drugs, start a company where we only sell them at our cost plus 15% plus $3 for handling for the pharmacy we work with plus $5 for shipping. It is,” he explained. is the innovative and disruptive way Cuban wants to disrupt the healthcare industry. By eliminating the middleman and transparent costs, Cuban hopes to make affordable and life-saving medicines available to everyone.

“If you go to the website and type in a drug, you can see exactly what we’re paying for it,” Cuban said. “We don’t buy insurance, we work outside the system — we’re usually lower than people’s co-payments, even if they have insurance,” he noted.

Why it matters: If someone needs medication for acid reflux, such as Pfizer Inc PFE Protonix, they would visit the website, look for the drug and see that generic version which is listed at $4.50 per tablet while it retails for $71.32 – a saving of $66.82.

Cuban used the example of of Novartis AG NVS leukemia drug, Gleevecthe…


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