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Marquez, I am worried that I no longer have normal arms-Moto

“I was afraid that I would never be able to return to my normal arm. For a while, between October and November, I couldn’t even drink a bottle of water. I had to force myself to eat and I couldn’t move my arm normally.” Within a week of GP at Silverstone, Mark Marquez said in an interview with The Guardian that the pain and pain during his recovery from last year’s accident cost him the entire 2020 world season.

He returned to the Portimão circuit in 2021, and he also found victory (in Germany), but even if the “real” Marquez has not yet returned, he promised that he would like to get rid of this experience: “My motivation It’s higher. First of all, because this is the first time I have faced such a difficult moment. The easiest way is to stop and come back when I’m ready, but my style is to suffer and struggle to improve and start enjoying the bike again. Now I don’t enjoy it very much, I’m still suffering.” This is why the most important thing for Honda drivers in the current championship is the way to find the best body shape.

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