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Martina (FAO), world hunger worsens in 12 months-World

“Compared with the past five years, this pandemic has exacerbated world hunger within 12 months. The most severely affected continents are mainly Africa, Latin America and most of Asia”: FAO Deputy Director and former Minister of Agriculture Mauri Zio Martina said that on food and forestry policy, the UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohamed was also present on the sidelines of the “Women Redesigning Food System” meeting held at the Campagna Amica di Coldiretti market in Rome this morning. Meeting. Martina emphasized, “The huge gap between the north and the south of the world has reappeared, and the south is in a difficult situation. Unfortunately, the number of people involved in the areas of malnutrition and food pain has increased dramatically. Climate change is the third cause of very worrying situations. Root cause”.

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