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Marvel Midnight Suns RPG gets the game trailer

Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange relaxing in the midnight sun

Demon invasion can wait, Carol has to browse TikTok first.
Screenshot: Marvel/2K games

If you are excited about the tactical RPG video game starring Marvel superheroes announced last week, the good news-you will continue to be excited! 2K Games revealed Midnight sun‘The first game trailer, which contains an unlikely category The Avengers, X-Men, And more against demons…From hell. But why should you worry when you share a public bathroom with others? Ghost rider?

As the trailer shows, once your custom character is awakened by Marvel’s best character to stop the demon queen Lilith, you will enter a headquarters called the monastery, where everyone…together Go out to play? I mean, look at the picture above: Doctor Strange is reading a book. Robbie Reyes (current Ghost Rider) and Nico Minoru, the fugitive witch, are chilling in the bar. Captain Marvel is checking her mobile phone.Guys-the demonic invasion is underway, and Captain Marvel is checking her mobile phone.

As far as I am concerned, this is great. Obviously, you won’t just hear a short conversation with your roommates between missions—other roommates are Iron Man, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Blade and X-Men’s wizards—but build relationships with them. During the game, this seems to be essential to improve your arsenal of actions and strength.Look, I should show you (here is a Short version If you are in a hurry):

The idea of ​​“upgrading” by walking in the backyard with Tony Stark and doing yoga with Magik sounds great. As for the battle itself, it looks as exciting as any direct action video game. I am a little worried about how the player’s actions and attacks are defined by randomly sorted cards, but the way you can use the environment to play to your advantage adds a layer to the tactical game I didn’t expect.If you want to know why this game is called hell Midnight sunBy the way, this is because it is based on the rather humble Marvel comics series of the 90s, in which a group of lesser-known heroes fight Lilith and her demonic army. do not worry.

Midnight sun It is currently scheduled to be released in March next year.

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