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Mats Hummels achieved his goal on EM in 2021: “Failure hurts us deeply, especially me”

It happened at the 20th minute: from Mats HummelsLucas Hernandez’s right calf jumped out of the flank with a sharp ball, untenable Manuel Neuer Goal in the upper left corner-Germany has an own goal in the first European Championship against France. In the end, it was still 0:1.

After the failure, Hummels has now spoken. “This defeat hurt us and I a lot, especially because my own goals ultimately determined the game,” the central defender wrote. Dortmund On a wednesday night Post on Instagram.

“We threw everything in and fought a great battle. Of course, we also know that we still have room for improvement in play. But you see that we want to tear ourselves apart in this game, we I want to motivate you again and succeed.”

Hummels also thanked him for the many messages he received. There are not only words of encouragement, but more than ever. “This is good because it means a lot to me to return to the stadium for Germany.”

32 years old is like Thomas Muller From the national coach Joachim Love After more than two years of exile Brought back to the DFB team.

Loew said shortly after the game that he did not blame Hummels. “That’s bad luck. The outside ball is sharp. Maybe we could have defended the throw-in earlier. But Mats has a hard time clearing the ball. “You can react more to the game. Here read.

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