Mdao3: A decentralized Metaverse Planet based on DAO and Web3.0 ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Mdao3: A decentralized Metaverse Planet based on DAO and Web3.0 ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Mdao3 launch metaverse world which is a decentralized Metaverse Planet based on DAO and Web3.0. By classifying the mainstream NFTs, we observe that NFTs have already gone beyond art and collectibles. According to analysis that NFTs with a good story, utility, and community can get real value. So Mdao3 doing the things which are collaborating with the utility company and incubation platform for Metaverse participators.

Mdao3 aims to build an open Metaverse Incubation Platform, providing modular components to help the Metaverse entrepreneurial team complete the work of Architecture Design, Contract Writing, Contract Auditing, Dapp Construction, Community Operation, Fans Management, etc. simply and quickly. We will build a new metaverse world with you together.

Bat Star Warrior is the first NFT collection of Mdao3. It will serve as the core Pass of the entire ecology and enjoy the earliest Genesis equity of Mdao3. The Pass of Genesis proceeds including 80% dividend rights of NFT royalty income, priority ILO rights and interests of future governance Token, Token airdrop rights, priority to purchase Land rights and interests, dividend rights and 60% interests of treasury income, and priority mint rights and interests of subsequent NFT issuance. Mdao3 is an open, decentralized, community-built metaverse platform.

Ecological System

  • Mdao3 NFT (M3N) is the only pass to Mdao3.
  • Mdao3 Token (M3T) is the legitimate proof of authority (POA).
  • Mdao3 Land (M3L) is a scarcity value of the land.
  • Mdao3 NFT Universal Exchange (M3E) will help people who diplomacy with the universe.
  • Mdao3 DAO (M3D) is an organization that makes decisions and cooperation together with the center.


  • Transaction fees from exchanges will be distributed to all NFT holders which is profit from transaction fees allocated to Stake Holders and retained by the program
  • The token will be released and NFT holders will be given the rights of first refusal for airdrops and ILOs to continuously empower…


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