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“Mediterranean Geopolitics” at the Farnese-Kronaka Dialogue Center

“Geopolitics in the Mediterranean: Southern communities serving a new regional balance” Is the title of a conference organized by the French Embassy and the French Academy in Italy, in context Farnese’s dialogue, Tomorrow June 8th at 6 pm, live broadcast in Italian (http://bit.ly/GeopoliticaIT), French (http://bit.ly/GéopolitiqueFR) And ANSA agency website (www.ansa.it).

“The Mediterranean is a shared space, and it is also a common interest that France and Italy, the major Mediterranean countries, cherish. By 2021, this space will continue to be crossed by various types of deep rifts: health, society, ethnic religion, politics, geopolitics-he Explained the description of IF-in this complex panorama, we chose to stand out as the two topics discussed in the two round tables: on the one hand the conflict between Palestine and Israel, and on the other hand the role of Europe.” During the meeting, introduced by Ambassador Christian Masset, political scientist and Islamist Giles Keppel and Ispi President Gianpiro Masolo will deliver speeches on the following topics: “Abraham Agreement: Copernicus Revolution or the reorganization of the Union of the Near East and the Middle East?’. Moderator: Mathéo Malik, Editor-in-Chief of Le Grand Continent. Farnesina Director General for Political Affairs and Security Ambassador Pasquale Ferrara and Deputy Secretary-General Anne Gueguen of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs will turn to “Europe” Partnership: the geopolitics of new communities in the south”. Moderator: Laurence Figà-Talamanca, ANSA reporter.

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