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Megha Bajaj x Queen’s Brigade Writing Workshop

If you have been following my blog for a while, you may remember an interesting interview with author Megha Bajaj.She declared with a frank statement unique to the truly creative among us: “Writing promotes miracles!” But if you missed it, please read the interview here.

Megha Bajaj x Queen’s Brigade Writing Workshop

That conversation was held before the first writing seminar she collaborated with Queen’s Brigade, which lasted 11 weeks and had 12 participants between the ages of 9-65. Now that the first batch is successfully completed, one of the stories (written by a 9-year-old participant, no less than!) has been selected for publication in the famous Outlook magazine; it is time to prepare for the next batch.

Megha Bajaj x Queen’s Brigade Writing Workshop

Not sure if this workshop is for you or a relative who likes creative writing? Read here some recommendations that will definitely change your mind:

gentlemen. Pradeep:

I am really grateful to Megha ji and Heena ji for giving me a great opportunity to participate in this beautiful course. In this unique course, through each module, you can release your inner writer. Every task makes me vulnerable, creating complex feelings and notes in my heart. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, etc. The homework triggers my thinking process, and the text starts to flow like a river. I don’t know where I am going, but now I am sure and convinced that I can also write and one day become a writer. Thank you Megha ji, I really appreciate you.

RIDHAAN Sharma (9 years old):

This whole experience was great for me! There are many reasons why I want to continue to level 2, but I will just list a few here:

  • It gave me the opportunity to pursue my dreams and set me on the right path to become a writer!
  • WoW Level 1 motivates me to think independently. It helped me become more creative than I thought. Because of the lessons the lady gave us, I also found out that I have a little poet.
  • I really like doing these paragraphs on MS Word. Typing is fun! Of course, I can do it myself, but it’s even more challenging if someone asks you to do it!

Other comments:

  • The first time I saw Megha’s work was when I was reading her book “Frozen Thoughts”, which later became “Infinite Thoughts”. There was an article she wrote about headless chickens, which impressed me because everything she wrote is very practical, talking about what we do every day, and it is very beautiful, and the impact lasts for a long time. I started to pay attention to her Insta page, all her works are so beautiful and full of life. She is a great inspiration. There was a post she posted about the Mercedes-Benz she funded herself. It is a very important thing for a girl to believe in herself, and I think she is a great inspiration for all of us. She told us that writing can also make money, and it can also make money.
  • I don’t just look at Megha’s writing skills, although it is well known that all of this is beautiful. I like her overall attitude towards life, which is also reflected in her writing. this is my favourite. When it comes to writing and other aspects of life, it is great to learn and instill this in our own lives. Thank you very much for organizing this seminar, I like to participate in it.

Watch recommendations and reviews here:

Megha Bajaj x Queen’s Brigade Writing Workshop

Still need to be persuaded? This is another reason-you can take this wonderful course. In 11 weeks, you will be guided through one-to-one email consultation and two real-time virtual meetings at a discounted price of only 11,000 rupees (regular price) 72,000 rupees!).

What are you waiting for? Release your inner author and click this link to register:



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