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Members of the Afghan security forces were killed in a gun battle with an “unidentified attacker”, and US and German troops joined the battle at Kabul Airport-RT World News

The German military revealed that at least one member of the Afghan security forces guarding the Kabul airport was killed after an exchange of fire with an unidentified attacker near the Kabul airport.

The Bundeswehr said in a statement that a member of the Afghan security forces was killed and three others were wounded. tweet on Monday.

According to the Bundeswehr, no German soldier was injured in the skirmish.

Since the Taliban occupied Kabul on August 15, the evacuation work at the capital airport has fallen into chaos and chaos. Thousands of Afghans continue to gather outside the aviation hub, hoping that a flight will leave the country, causing countless lives. The shooting and stampede have caused several deaths. According to reports, at least two people fell and died after trying to catch a U.S. military transport plane that took off from the airport.

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The Pentagon activates a reserve of rarely used civilian aircraft to speed up evacuation as the Taliban blames the U.S. for the chaos at Kabul Airport

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