Miyoko’s Creamery partners with Dot Foods to expand foodservice…

Miyoko’s Creamery partners with Dot Foods to expand foodservice…


Plant-based milk options become more accessible as Miyoko’s award-winning vegan butter and cheese are now available in all 50 states.

SONOMA, California., May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Plant Dairy Manufacturer, Miyoko’s dairyhas announced an exciting new partnership with North America The food industry’s largest redistributor, Dot Foods, offers its award-winning products to customers around the world The United States. The distribution partnership with Dot Foods enables Miyoko’s Creamery to supply the highest quality vegan products made for all culinary and baking applications to over 5,000 foodservice retailers nationwide.

Striving to perfect the art of making plant-based cheeses and butters, Miyoko’s Creamery strives to deliver the highest quality vegan products that challenge category norms with taste, culinary excellence and compassion. The brand is made with care and intention, taking a true artisanal approach from start to finish. From handcrafting cheese to cold-smoked mozzarella with hickory chips to aging countless cheeses, Miyoko’s Creamery invests in time, equipment and quality processes that make its products worthy of the world’s finest plant-based dairy.

The Miyoko’s Creamery range at Dot Foods consists of:

  • The award-winning European style plant milk butter. Cultured and whipped using traditional dairy methods, Miyoko’s plant-based milk butters are a trusted choice of chefs and bakers for their ability to melt, spread, bake and brown.
  • The first of its kind, award-winning Pourable plant milk mozzarella. Made from organic cashew milk without the melt-inhibiting ingredients typically found in plant-based products. Pourable plant milk mozzarella loved by pizza professionals and enthusiasts alike for its cheesy layer that bubbles, turns brown and tastes delicious.

“We are very excited about our distribution partnership with Dot Foods as it allows us to significantly expand our footprint in the hospitality space. Consumers around the world – from…


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