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More government plans to help regional business recovery

Small businesses in remote areas of Australia that have been severely hit by blockades, drought and bushfires will receive special assistance from the Australian government to help them recover their financial conditions.

Regional small business worth US$8.6 million Support plan Following the success of the pilot project to support small businesses in dry communities, the pilot program will begin in early 2022.

Shane L Stone, coordinator of the National Recovery and Resilience Agency, said that the plan provides valuable support for small businesses, which are the backbone of the regional economy.

“Regional small businesses are the social and economic lifeblood of their communities. Even in difficult times, they can create local jobs, support local activities, and ensure that their neighbors and friends are not absent,” Mr. Stone said.

Through the Rural Financial Advisory Services (RFCS) program, the pilot project provides free and independent case management financial consulting to eligible small businesses.

Clients communicate one-on-one with RFCS consultants and support professionals to obtain professional financial planning and tax assistance, as well as to develop financial and risk management skills.

This is an extension of the original pilot, which has supported more than 1,350 regional small businesses and employs approximately 3,100 employees.

“The initial pilot program is very popular-early feedback shows that it not only helps regional small businesses improve their financial situation, but also provides a positive flow effect for the regional community.

Mr. Stone said: “This is compelling evidence that the pilot should continue to use the new name to recognize its broader role in supporting regional businesses affected by challenges other than drought, including bushfires and COVID-19. “

The 12-month extension provides certainty for companies already participating in the pilot program and allows other companies affected by regional lockdowns, bushfires and drought to use the service.

Develop Victorian SMEs and handicraft enterprises

Another new development is that the Andrews Labor Party government is assisting Victorian small-scale and handicraft producers to diversify their product lines, expand exports and create new jobs.

In the third category of projects, the Small-scale and Handicraft Program provides grants ranging from US$25,000 to US$100,000 to eligible small-scale and handicraft agricultural enterprises.

The program supports projects that showcase multiple producers and promote different visitor experiences.

As part of its agricultural strategy, the Labor government is assisting the development of small agricultural enterprises, which will increase visits to rural towns, create jobs, and encourage more Victorians to shop locally.

To learn more about small-scale and craft programs, please visit

For more information, please visit the website of the National Bureau of Recovery and Recovery: sell-service

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