MoveMoon: the revolution in the Move to ean trend ~ Prodigy Press Wire

MoveMoon: the revolution in the Move to ean trend ~ Prodigy Press Wire



MoveMoon is a Move to earn Web3 app developed on BSC blockchain and is available on both Android and iOS. Users take part in walks or runs and meet the requirements of time, speed and distance designed by the app to earn daily rewards.

DApps, combined with the boom of NFT market in general and Gamefi in particular, have bring many benefits to our life. Gamefi is not solely for investments, so we integrated social elements such as: entertainment, study, health, friendships,… into the mechanics to create our unique Move to earn app with the aim of competing with other projects in this hot trend: Move to earn. The app allows users to exercise outdoors and have passive income by doing various activities like running, walking, cycling,..

Why choose MoveMoon over a plethora of M2e projects out there?

MoveMoon has a well-planned roadmap, a clear marketing plan to attract influential partners: BSCDaily, CryptoCat Gems, China Pump Call, BSC Gems… In addition, there are exciting pre-listing and post-listing plans as well as great marketing events to be conducted.

Low hard cap and soft cap, which makes the project more accessible to a wider public

Intuitive UI with eye-catching graphics that is friendly to newcomers who are new to Move to earn and Gamefi

Auto-staking feature is incorporated into the smart contract with the initial staking pool’s APY up to 702,548.34% and will decrease gradually relative to the number of holders to create another source of income from the project

Available on both Android and iOS


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Name: MoveMoon
Email:[email protected]
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore

Release ID: 303224


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