Musk gets a taste of his own medicine with Twitter Community Notes

Musk gets a taste of his own medicine with Twitter Community Notes


After Elon Musk announced that anyone providing false information would be “noted by the community” on the platform Twitter CEO received an ironic dose of scrutiny.

What happened: Musk took to Twitter to announce that “everyone,” including him, civilian users, advertisers, heads of state or Tucker Carlsonwho recently split from Fox Newswill be noted by the community if “materially incorrect statements” are made on the microblogging website.

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While there’s nothing wrong with this tweet at first glance, the Community Notes “note” on this tweet seems to make the whole situation a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Community Notes made minor adjustments to Musk’s original tweet, stating that “some” tweets with “false claims” may not be flagged by the feature. “The system is limited in its reach by participation.”

Why it matters: Community Notes was formerly known as Birdwatchwhich Musk’s own Twitter reintroduced in December 2022. The feature allows users to add notes to tweets that may be misleading.

Musk has previously praised the feature after flagging his post, which contained a rigged headline attributed to CNN.

In March earlier this year, Musk faced heavy backlash over his Community Notes tweet, which also raised concerns about its authenticity and visibility. That’s what Musk tweeted at the time Twitter “only looks for the least false truth”.

Under Musk’s leadership, Twitter faced severe challenges backlash from users And Advertisers alike for supposedly approve “Hate Speech” and Misinformation.”

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