Musk praises DeSantis’ record-breaking fundraising amid chaotic launch

Musk praises DeSantis’ record-breaking fundraising amid chaotic launch


late friday, Elon Musk boasted how Ron DeSantis was able to raise “record-breaking” funds for his campaign, despite people ridiculing the Florida governor for doing so his chaotic start to the presidential election.

What happened: Musk said there was a lot of noise DeSantis is technically uncertain Twitter launch campaign; However, very few people talk about how the Republican primary candidate was able to raise “a record amount” of funds for his campaign.

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“Lots of noise around [Ron DeSantis] announces and discusses his presidential candidacy on this platform. But you [know] what is no noise Set an all-time record in fundraising! “Worth considering for announcements in general,” Musk wrote on his social media platform, citing a tweet from CBS News that said Governor DeSantis made $8.2 million in the first 24 hours into his presidential campaign. dollars collected.

Why it matters: The planned official launch of the DeSantis campaign with a Twitter interview with Musk, encountered technical difficulties during Wednesday’s broadcast. Many viewers lost sound at times; some could not participate or were unexpectedly dropped. The moderator, David Sacksclaimed that Twitter was disrupted because the launch of the DeSantis campaign was the “biggest room” that has ever taken place on the platform.

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DeSantis’ erroneous entry was also criticized by the former President and GOP major contender donald trumpwho described his election campaign as a “disaster”.

Meanwhile on Opportunity to interview other presidential candidatesMusk said, “I’ve made the invite multiple times, including at the DeSantis Spaces themselves!”

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