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My Favorite Small Account Brokers of 2022 {Video}

key takeaways

  • I’m starting over from my trading account – under PDT! Here’s how you can follow.
  • Why I teach and how you learn lessons I learned the hard way…
  • Trading is not gambling! Find out why it’s actually better and how to minimize your risk…

Welcome to Part 4 of my conversation with TradeZero founder and CEO Dan Pipitone. (watch Part 1 is here, Look Part 2 is here, and check out Part 3 is here.)

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In this video, I discuss how to grow a small account. This is how many of my top students and I have become millionaires. Now I start over with a small account and show all my trades to help traders like you. Find out why, plus…

  • Find out why I share every transaction…
  • Learn the very obvious rules for growing your account, no matter how small. (This may sound simple, but it’s true!)
  • Learn how to avoid the same fate as the merchant who is now sowing the seeds of self-destruction.
  • See how children’s stories can give you the secrets to trading success…
  • TradeZero has many factors working together to create this opportunity. Be sure to grab this one.
  • Deals are more accessible than ever, but that doesn’t mean it’s easier. Tune in to learn how to stay safe.

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