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Natures Menu changed its name, especially the range of cats

Natural menu Its cat series has been renamed “Natures Menu Special for Cats”.

The new series adopts a new design, will provide the same cat food and a new brand with its own “unique” brand equity, as well as a new logo and improved packaging for the product.

The modern look and feel of the packaging is designed to “clearly convey simple, natural ingredients to the owner while providing a huge visual impact on the shelf”.

Although the series will continue to provide the same recipes, it now adds chicken and turkey and salmon variants for kittens. The series will also include the original five wet SKUS, two multi-packs and three snack SKUs.

As part of the brand’s sustainable development plan, its goal is to use recyclable packaging for all Natures Menu products by 2024, and the entire series will also shift from small bags to recyclable cans.

The products still do not contain artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives, and contain essential vitamins and minerals. All products are in accordance with less Guidelines.

James Langan |The Managing Director of Natures Menu said: “The launch of the Natures Menu Special for Cats series has strengthened our provision of pet food made with real ingredients, real flavors and real deliciousness.

“The improved packaging now focuses on product simplicity, transparency, quality and taste, while also enabling us to move forward in our sustainable development strategy through the new recyclable packaging format.”

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