NCESC provides valuable resources for ex-convicts to reintegrate…

NCESC provides valuable resources for ex-convicts to reintegrate…


Ex-convicts have a hard time finding a job once they return to society. There are many programs designed to help them get back on their feet, and one of them is NCESC, an online portal full of resources on ex-convict job opportunities.

It is a fact of human society that a small percentage of the population is considered dangerous and therefore needs to be segregated from the rest of the population. For as long as mankind has existed, there have always been prisons where convicts and criminals are sent to pay their debts to society. A good portion of those incarcerated will spend the remainder of their time on this earth inside without a chance to re-enter the general population. But for the most part, time spent in prison is temporary, ranging from a few months to a few years. Once they have served their sentence, they are eventually allowed to return to their life outside of prison. But that doesn’t mean their crimes are forgiven or forgotten. Despite having served their sentence, the fact that they have served some time in prison is enough to derail their life goals as they carry the stigma of being a felon.

Once freed, a felon is essentially left to his own devices. Left to their own devices, they are forced to accept menial jobs that pay well below minimum wage. In other cases, desperation and lack of opportunities to earn a living force them to return to their old criminal ways. However, there are programs, both governmental and non-governmental, that aim to help them by connecting them to employment opportunities open to ex-offenders to be hired. But these organizations are few and far between, and their numbers alone are insufficient to accommodate every offender who leaves prison and seeks employment opportunities.

That’s why this is NCESC was started. One could say that Michael, the founder of NCESC, is a…


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